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One of the challenges facing leaders in the not-for-profit sector is figuring out how to successfully integrate volunteers with paid team members.
Today’s guest, Krystal Parker, is the President of the US & Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce.
On this episode of The Clarity Advisors Show, Krystal shares some of her journey to becoming the executive director of the U. S. Christian Chamber of Commerce, her career in corporate America, and the value of servant leadership.

Teams of volunteers have different dynamics and needs than teams of paid employees. And mixed teams are different still. Krystal discusses these differences as well as growing diverse teams and lessons she has learned from building relationships and maintaining trust remotely.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to lead teams with influential authority
  • How to grow a team of leaders
  • The importance of serving as a leader
  • How to build relationships and maintain trust remotely


  • [00:56] The Christian Chamber of Commerce
  • [01:53] Krystal’s journey to becoming executive director
  • [03:49] Building teams of volunteers and paid team members
  • [07:41] Transitioning from the corporate mindset
  • [12:55] The difference between working with volunteers as opposed to a paid team.
  • [16:34] Krystal’s corporate career
  • [20:58] Becoming the boss of her bosses
  • [25:01] Being remote before remote was cool
  • [30:31] “The Best Robot Wins: It Ain’t Personal, It’s Just Business”

Episode Quotes:

  • “It is less about you and more about the individuals that you are leading.” (Krystal)
  • “You, as the leader, work for the people in your organization.” (Krystal)
  • “Be as alike as possible, as different as necessary.” (Krystal)

Krystal’s Recommended Reading and Listening

The Best Robot Wins: It Ain’t Personal, It’s Just Business

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