Ep 11: ​Eric Robinson, Language-Based Disabilities Expert


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As a high school educator, Eric Robinson helps students navigate language-based learning disabilities and language processing issues. Eric wears many hats at The Highlands School in Bel Air, Maryland, as an English and woodworking teacher, co-manager of the drama department, and Upper School Coordinator.

Eric also serves as adjunct professor of reading at Community College of Baltimore County. In today's episode he discusses how language disorders present in individuals and how they can impact students.

Mary asks about Eric's mantra of "do it afraid" and why having many different jobs throughout his career led him to this important work helping children with learning challenges. Reflecting on why it's important to help students avoid getting lost in their feelings and instead focus on the evidence in their lives, Eric shares a new area of interest he's introduced at The Highlands School - teaching students soft skills, such as working in teams, understanding their audience, and developing a growth mindset.

The Highlands School is an independent, AIMS-accredited, K-12 program designed for students with dyslexia, ADHD, and language-based learning differences. Founded in 1996, The Highlands School is a state-of-the-art facility located on a beautiful 18-acre campus.

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