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I have a fondness for my local bookshop Bart’s Books, just as I’ve had for local corner bookshops wherever I’ve lived in the world. Plus, the fabulous crew of booksellers who work at Bart’s has saved my butt more than once when my muse has done a 180, and I’ve needed books for research at a moment’s notice.

In this maiden voyage episode of The Bookshop Podcast, I asked Matt Henriksen, Bart’s general manager, to share the history of this famous bookstore, which takes us from Paris after WW2 to a cottage in Ojai, California, a 17th-century copy of Chaucer, and a bunch of Gustaf Duray books from the 19th century.

Dan Malloy is an author, adventurer, filmmaker, and surfer, and synonymous with Ventura County. While well known in the surfing scene, I chat with him about Slow is Fast, a book he wrote with Kanoa Zimmerman and Kellen Keene. The book came about after the three friends took a 50-day, seven-hundred-mile bike ride down the Californian coast. Dan speaks about his life on the road as a surfing professional and how a magazine he picked up in an airport shop helped change his life direction.

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