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I’ve never been the type of reader who will solely read a single genre of fiction. I’m a little eclectic when it comes to reading.
How bad am I?
Basically, if the cover pulls me into the story, then I’ll read it. I guess you can say I’m a bibliophile. And that’s why I created this podcast. For those of you who are just like me who are bibliophile’s that will read anything that’s page-turning.

What is The Book Nerd Podcast?

The Book Nerd is a virtual book club that comes out every second Sunday. Each episode will be a maximum of 20 minutes Long. I wanted to make each show short and be respectful of your time because I get it, you're busy and may not have a spare hour to listen to a podcast or watch a video. It's a relaunch of one of my older podcast, Thriller Novel Nerd that pod-faded at the beginning of 2020, after episode six. To be honest, I felt constrained by the name of the podcast, and the lockdown happened. Since then, I've had a rethink about what I want to achieve, and I figured out how to work from home with my husband, manage my writing and podcasting.

So, what's different about this version of the podcast?

The main difference between the Book Nerd and Thriller Novel Nerd is I've ditched the video episodes, along with recording stereo. These changes should fix the sound issues.And, I'm now recording in seasons. Each season of the podcast will have thirteen episodes scheduled to go live every two weeks. Figures crossed this will help me to achieve a better writing and podcasting balance.

Who will enjoy this podcast?

As suggested by the title, this podcast is for writers and readers who are passionate about the Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense genres. If you love discussing what makes a good thriller novel or are just looking for your next read, then this podcast is for you.

Concluding Thoughts

If you love novels within the mystery, thriller, and suspense genres and if this sounds like the podcast for you, then click the subscribe button and listen to the next episode. And, make sure you connect with me on social media.

Thanks for listening.

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