6 - Who Has Your Child's Heart? (with Dan Martin)


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Former pastor Dan Martin is part of the exclusive "3 Daughters Club" (of which your host is a card-carrying member) and has so much to teach us young parents. In this episode, Dan shares:
  • What his ultimate desires were for his daughters, and how he wanted them to desire something beyond themselves.
  • His one primary regret (Editor's note: this is worth the price of admission; when a faithful man of God like Dan Martin says he has a regret, the rest of us will do well to listen up!).
  • That as important as family is, we have to be careful not to make it the ultimate thing (such wisdom!).
  • How when he pastored a church, his daughters were an important part of the ministry of the church -- and he challenges us to incorporate our children into our ministry activities.
  • What it's like for him and his wife, Jennifer, to be "empty-nesters" and how he has developed a deep respect for his daughters.
  • How and why he desperately wanted to win his daughters' hearts.
  • What he said to one of his daughter's suitors when he asked for his blessing -- and how God brought that to a beautiful fruition.
  • About blessings in the Bible.

Scriptures referenced:
  • Proverbs 23:6
  • Proverbs 26

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