WTKA Roundtable 3/11/2021: Mild Cognitive Impairment


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Things discussed:

  • Does Minnesota hockey have a claim on the Big Ten championship? At least they’re not being total children about it.
  • Craig Ross got a card to be part of a memory stimulation study for people with the memory of a goldfish.
  • Difference between Games 1 and 2 is MSU hit their bad shots and Michigan missed their good ones.
  • Worst Coach of the Year award
  • Franz Wagner left off the all-defense team is insane. Conspiracy!!!
  • Also we’re going to get @davidlectka some followers because this is the third time this week we’ve brought up one of his very good tweets.
  • Preview of MSU-Maryland today
  • Is the Big Ten the best conference? Yeah—the Big XII is just as strong at the top but they have several teams way worse than Nebraska. Iowa State is 2-22 this year.
  • Are we going to play Sister Jean?
  • Ohio State-Purdue preview.
  • Do you play Eli in the tournament if he’s not healthy?
  • Big Ten tournament preview.
  • Hockeytalk: Unless the complete morons use Pairwise this year for something other than intra-conference rankings Michigan is in the tournament.
  • Do you want Arizona State as the 8th Big Ten team? Illinois?
  • Spring practice: they’re going to take a 2-week break in the middle. Do we know ANYTHING? Noooope.

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