WTKA Roundtable 1/28/2021: Three Hundred Years Ago I Was Hedging


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Football Program’s Direction

  • Going with a recruiting staff: the right move for Michigan.
  • A John Beilein reboot?
  • Understand getting players but OL isn’t as pure star ratings as the rest, and Warinner was elite in his evaluations and preparing the guys to play.
  • Who makes moves for the future if you don’t plan to be around?
  • Fill in behind them with analysts. Greg Mattison?
  • This is a be good by 2022 plan; they’ll need some transfers for 2021.
  • Culture = Winning.
  • Feels like Harbaugh’s taking a home run cut.
  • Recruiting Ohio or New England: where do you put your resources?

Purdue Game/Hockey vs ND/Nazilla

  • Franz had a good game, thinks he didn’t,
  • Michigan hockey can’t get a call, did get the first goal both games.
  • Naz needs help, can’t afford not to have production from the Browns.

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