WTKA 4/8/2021: Slightly Tower


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Things discussed:

  • Who’s coming back? Eli solves a lot of the questions you have at guard. Chaundee would solve the rest of them plus shooting.
  • Do they go into the portal? Sam brings up Jacob Young but what do you get from him that you don’t get from Frankie Collins?
  • Point guard is the only question. If it’s a big question that says they don’t believe in Zeb. Marion Jackson of Toledo or another experienced distributor is the only spot maybe.
  • Sam: Not a guarantee that Chaundee and Eli return, but it makes sense for both.
  • The incoming freshmen: Diabate is going to be a switchable nightmare at the four or five. Houstan can be your shooter from the three.
  • Barnes: we’re slow-playing how excited we are about that guy. A lot of people think he could be the best player in the class. GR3 with a better shot LFG!
  • Eric Tolbert knew about the #2 NBA draft pick and didn’t tell Beilein about it.
  • Hockey: How many of these guys are coming back? Lots of them!
  • Football: the offense looks good, defense looks terrible. Seth: I believe the offense because the RBs looked good and we’re hearing the right things, and OL isn’t all injured.
  • Defense: Oy. Safety should be fine but everybody else is struggling, especially the linebackers and DL.
  • Noise is they can’t stop the run at all.
  • Part of that is probably the new system is complicated, and it’s too much for a young team.
  • Portal effect: Michigan’s transfer policy is bad across the board.
  • Who’s the quarterback?

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