The Teams: 2011, Part 2


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Please listen to Part 1 first if you haven't already.

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Special Guests: Craig Roh, author of The Pass Rush Bible and Denard Robinson

[Writeup and player after THE JUMP]

1. Under the Lights and Talking Hockey

(starts at 1:00)

The Notre Dame game. What was Denard's favorite sport to watch on campus? We play the Don Criqui call for Denard, who's never heard it before.

2. EMU, SDSU, Minnesota, Northwestern, the Defensive Turnaround

(starts at 25:07)

The defensive turnaround, where the Worst Waldo play came from, how much did they hate Minnesota. The one non-stupid Brady Hoke vs Northwestern game.

3. MSU, Purdue, Kinnick at Night, and John O'Neill

(starts at 1:01:04)

The Trash Tornado game and MSU's dirty brand of football. Purdue and the story of Fitz Toussaint. JT Floyd's renaissance vs Marvin McNutt. The meeting that changed the direction of the program. Vincent Smith's pass-blocking. The rule about wearing red. The defensive line game.

4. Nebraska, Ohio State, Sugar Bowl

(starts at 1:14:56)

Mike Martin forces a pitch on a speed option. Denard's kid helps us relive the Ohio State game for the first time again. Yeah, VT should have won the Sugar Bowl, but if you give them that you have to give Michigan MSU and Iowa back. Kevin Koger's Kogerland. David Molk's butt is nicer than Rocko Khoury's.


  • "Run Me Over"—The Babies
  • "The Day is Coming"—My Morning Jacket
  • "Gold on the Ceiling"—The Black Keys
  • “Across 110th Street”

The hockey games was the best games to go to.

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