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[Writeup and player after THE JUMP]

1. Intro and The Team

(starts at 1:00)

There's Early Carr (Woodson, Tom Brady, etc.) and Late Carr (Henne & Hart), but nobody talks about the Middle Carr years of 2001-2003. We revisit this generation at its peak, as a senior-quarterbacked team with a great defense goes on its own revenge tour against various types of spreads, plus Jim Tressel.

2. The John Navarre Story

(starts at 39:25)

The kid from Cudahy with a rocket arm and no chill shares that he was once committed to Northwestern until Rand Walker took over for Gary Barnett and the Cats went to spread. Had Barry Alvarez not been honest about a tight end offer we'd have another Wisconsin tight end. John's coaches hit most of the nasty fan stuff from him, but it was also far worse than you realize. The 2001 loss was a low point.

3. The Nonconference

(starts at 1:03:53)

CMU did not feel like a 45-7 game but Steve Breaston felt like a phenom. Trouncing Art Briles's second-ever game as a head coach was thrilling because his four-wide spread was goofy. Pierre Woods had a fingernail torn off. Trouncing Notre Dame, well, that was…weird? John thinks it was weird. The Oregon game was weirder. Seth's complete list of special teams follies.

4. The Big Ten Part I

(starts at 1:41:06)

via WH

Indiana stifles the offense but defense and special teams are believers. The game with the weird spread punt formation, which we all agree wasn't the reason Michigan lost (Narrator: But it was). The greatest comeback in Michigan history against Minnesota, with tips on how the Transcontinental is coached. Breeze past Illinois to spread-ass Purdue, who gets shut down because the cornerbacks are too good for everybody. The Chris Perry Game. The Jason Avant Catch Game.

5. The Nonconference

(starts at 2:11:19)

The Game, when Braylon was on, Avant got hurt, Perry shined, and the offensive line shut down most of the 2002 champions. Also the Rose Bowl against USC, and where this team stands among the pantheon.


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