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The purpose of meditation is to teach the mind to be completely present, fully attentive in the moment, at ease, and uninhibited, and it's clear how such characteristics may benefit everyone during sex.
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Naturally, most of us would like to believe that our attention, and that of our partner, is completely focused on the present moment during the throes of passion, but the mind is the mind and is prone to distraction or wandering, even in the best of times.
In long-term relationships, if there is no awareness of a shared sex life, there is a risk that the act itself will drift into auto-pilot mode, lacking the attentiveness, effort, and desire that sparked the chemistry and/or relationship in the first place. Sexual activity that is mindful is not sexual activity that is habitual.
Our enjoyment of sex and the intimacy we share, build, and maintain is contingent on our capacity for mindfulness during physical contact. Sex includes a significant mental component, whether we are in the present together, mindful of one another's wants, or even visualizing together.
This ability can be honed through the use of specific guided sexual meditations that assist us in letting go of distractions and increasing our awareness of our own and our partner's bodies. With this in mind, especially in the event that your mind wanders during sex, an excellent mindfulness technique is to concentrate on a physical feeling and utilize it as your object of attention to bring you back into the present now.
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