Meditation and Masturbation


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Did you know that you can make your Masturbation into a Meditation practice? Because in reality You Masturbation sessions are actually a form of Mindful meditation. It's just that you are not aware of it. In this video, we clearly explain how to use your masturbation and convert it into an orgasmic meditation experience.
In this podcast, we talk about

1). Orgasmic meditation
2). Masturbation & Meditation
3). Mindfulness of your sexual energy
4). Sexual healing
The advantages of masturbation are strikingly comparable to those of the other activity that individuals engage in just before sleeping: meditation. That is because meditation has an extremely comparable orgasmic impact on the mind and body as masturbating does.
If relieving stress or sleeping better at night is a goal for you, meditation may be another excellent go-to exercise.
Both meditation and masturbation aid in the discharge of tension.
Masturbation may help you unwind after a long day. Meditation does the same thing: Numerous studies have shown that meditation is effective at reducing work-related stress and anxiety, and similar to masturbation, it results in the release of feel-good chemicals such as dopamine (which is necessary for maintaining focus and experiencing attraction), serotonin (which calms and eases tension), oxytocin (the primary pleasure hormone), and endorphins (pain-numbing, stress-reducing hormones).
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