How to achieve Self Awareness?


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Anyone committed to self-improvement, personal development, or the loftier goal of spiritual progress must endeavor to comprehend themselves actively. This is because only when an individual realizes where they fall short can they concentrate their efforts on what they can better.
Self-awareness is defined as:
Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection that an individual possesses.
It entails developing an awareness of and insight into one's own strengths, characteristics, shortcomings, defects, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, responses, reactions, attitudes, emotions, and motives.
Thus, introspection also encompasses examining one's own perceptions and
How one's behavior, responses, and conduct affect others.
Self-Awareness in Public: This type develops as individuals become conscious of how they appear to others. Public self-awareness frequently manifests itself in situations where individuals are in the spotlight, such as when giving a presentation or speaking to a group of friends.
This level of self-awareness frequently compels individuals to follow societal standards. When we are aware that we are being seen and judged, we frequently attempt to behave in socially acceptable and desired manners. In short, we exhibit our best behavior, which may be inconsistent with our genuine personality.
Public self-awareness can also result in a condition known as 'evaluation anxiety,' in which individuals become troubled, apprehensive, or concerned about how others view them.
Self-Awareness on a Private Level: This occurs when individuals become aware of certain elements of themselves on a private level. For instance, looking in the mirror is a form of private self-awareness.
Close family members and friends gain access to certain portions of our secret selves when we lower our guard in their presence. As a result, they become indispensable tools for assisting us in self-assessment.
As we develop a greater awareness of ourselves and how we are seen by others, we acquire many more subtle shades of our qualities. As a result, we are better equipped to overcome our personality flaws and recognize our virtues. The next paragraphs will discuss some methods for increasing one's self-awareness.
How to Increase Self-Awareness – Through Self-Observation
To comprehend our personalities, we must first comprehend the nature of our minds. The mind is composed of two distinct components: the conscious and subconscious minds. The subconscious mind is enormous, and the impressions it contains are difficult to unearth and analyze.
However, every now and again throughout the day, one's mind bursts and negatively reacts to certain events and situations. As a result, a degree of restlessness and feelings such as insecurity, fear, or rage are experienced. The majority of us go about our daily lives without pausing to reflect on why we felt that way in the first place.
Indeed, by reacting negatively to situations and occurrences in one's daily life, one's mind opens a window and provides a glimpse into its nature. If one maintains a vigilant and objective perspective, one can follow the path via the window that the mind creates. As a result of this process, one develops a higher sense of self-awareness regarding how one's mind functions and how it responds to various stimuli.
Whenever one becomes emotionally unstable, restless, or upset one should become alert as deeper introspection, usually provides insight into some personality defect that has been triggered.
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