So Why Are You Suffering?


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As you thank the Lord for all of His gracious gifts to you, don't forget to thank Him for the gracious gift of--suffering. Yes, you heard me correctly. Suffering for Jesus is a gracious gift bestowed upon all those who trust in Him alone for their eternal salvation. In fact, suffering for Jesus is not a curse, but rather a blessing according to our text. It is one of the most powerful evidences of your salvation in Jesus Christ.----Some may be tempted to think, -I'll take the first gift-faith-but please give the second gift-suffering- to someone else who might need it. I'll do just fine without it.- But dear ones, God declares that faith in Christ and suffering for Christ are inseparable gifts of the one package of salvation. You can't have one without the other.----As in all areas of our Christian life, we believe what the Lord has said, because He is faithful and true and He cannot lie. May the Lord teach us not to despise any gift given to us by God, and that especially goes for the gift of suffering. Though it may be difficult to understand how suffering for Christ is a gracious gift from God, let us be willing students to learn in the school of Christ.----From our text, we would note three exhortations given to Christians in the midst of their sufferings- -1- Stand as One in Suffering for Christ -Philippians 1-27-- -2- Don't Fear Your Adversaries in Your Suffering -Philippians 1-28-- and -3- Suffering for Christ Is a Gracious Gift -Philippians 1-29-30-.

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