European democracy : time to reconquest !


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The crisis of representative democracy crosses Europe, bringing with it a deep questioning of intermediate bodies (political parties, unions or associations) but also of media. This crisis, illustrated by the high rates of abstention and the electoral successes of the authoritarian and authoritarian parties, does not mean a democratic decline, in fact, there is at the same time a deep democratic aspiration born by spontaneous initiatives through Europe with original or renewed ways of mobilization. The movement of Gilets Jaunes in France or waves of mobilization against corruption in Romania are examples. The European situation is a symbol of what is happening across the continent, a rejection of institutions, and a difficulty to act together. Through the eyes of NGOs, media, academics and former politicians we will discuss here the place of each of these actors in the democratization that must take place in Europe today, and in the capacity of these actors. last to do together to build an alternative model to our broken democracies. With Andrei Bulearca, Bianca Felseghi, Péter Eckstein-Kovács and Aleksandar Matkovic

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