Secure Workflows on Sensitive Data with Amruta Moktali


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With an increasing number of data breaches impacting customer trust, prioritizing data privacy and security is more important than ever. However, as you layer on security and privacy, the overall complexity of a system grows and the data gets harder to use. There’s a constant push and pull between securing and locking down the data but still being able to use it.

Skyflow Data Privacy Vault isolates, secures, stores, and tightly controls access to manage and use sensitive data. With secure workflow support, developers are able to securely execute custom code, de-identity and transform data, and securely share data all within the secure compliant environment of the vault balancing data security and usability.

Amruta Moktali, the Chief Product Officer of Skyflow, joins the show to discuss Skyflow’s Data Privacy Vault APIs, running secure workflows, and the engineering behind the technology.

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