You will see the console (Podcast 155)


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^People pop out of closets.^ / ^Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.^ / “It kind of goes back to that 90s sensibility.” / “Use the math that’s necessary.” / “An enduring story.” / “Dark and plodding.”

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare [1611].
Macbeth by Orson Welles [1948].
Macbeth by Jack Gold [1983].

show notes

Zite shuts down; is Apple News or Flipboard the better replacement?

Mathematicians left baffled after three-year struggle over proof.”

UAW makes inroads into South with worker vote at VW plant.

William Basinski – “Divertissment Pt 2“.

Making private copies of music outlawed in Britain.

Will Tony Blair face a trial over Iraq war, as Jeremy Corbyn suggested?

Sham corporate arbitration continues to grow.

Supreme Court allows Highland Park to keep assault weapons ban.

NBA ad against gun violence.

Demographics still favor Democrats over Republicans, but by how much?


#myBestOf2015 #5 Ryukyu a front-end framework with a grid system and HTML starter pages #CSS

— Dan McKeown (@pacificpelican) December 8, 2015

Movie: Pearl Jam Twenty.

New York’s ‘Bail Bond Queen’, ruler of a controversial industry.”

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