Tom Morello Talks Blackness, Rage Against The Machine, Merging Rap and Rock, Wu-Tang, and ODB


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Stop what you’re doing. If you ever wanted to hear an interview with one of the greatest guitarists ever to live; if you ever wanted to share an hour learning about the guitarist’s guitarist—a man who is equally revered by Bruce Springsteen, Slash, and Chuck D—then you need to drop what you’re doing and turn your eardrums to this interview with Tom Morello.

Over the course of 1.5 hours, Tom wrestles with his Blackness (and being perceived as white by rock fans), and getting famous for revolutionary music; unpacks his biggest hits; tells the story of his SNL ban, and so much more. The interview isn’t all about big subjects, though. There’s also lots of technique talk and plenty of laughs. Truly, if you’re down for one Tom Morello interview this year (and you should be, he’s amazing!), try this gem and tell us your thoughts!

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