Episode 3 | Lennie Waite, Ph.D. on Improving Your Mental Game and Strategy


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"People who are winning medals are motivated by the people who are making the final. The people who are making the final are motivated by people who are making a threat to make the team. And if you can just continue to provide deeper resources, you're going to elevate the performance of everybody. So in my head, it makes so much sense. The wider spectrum of people that you're able to help in terms of delivering sport psychology services, You reduce stigma, you kind of help mental health. It just has this huge trickle-down effect."

This week’s guest is Lennie Waite. After competing at Rice University, Lennie had a successful professional track career for Great Britain and competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics and 2017 world championships. Now Lennie’s second career is as a Ph.D. certified mental performance consultant working with the world’s top performers to “train your mind to get the most out of your body.” In our conversation, we discuss mental strategies for athletes who are struggling with a mental barrier, Lennie’s journey from athlete to Sports Psychologist, and her passion for the sport.

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