Industry Update on M&A: Why Buy? Tips for Those with Their Sights Set on Becoming an Acquirer


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A conversation with Louis Diamond


When it comes to M&A, there are plenty of independent business owners and wirehouse advisors who have their sights on becoming acquirers, yet it’s an incredibly competitive environment with more buyers than sellers. This episode looks at the buy-side perspective, the attributes needed to become an attractive acquirer, the characteristics of prospective targets, and more.

About this episode…

M&A has been one of the hottest topics in the wealth management industry in recent years. And even despite choppy markets and rising interest rates, independent firms are getting high watermark valuations and deals are closing at record levels.

So, what’s driving all this activity?

Why are independent business owners so eager to sell what they worked long and hard to build and nurture?

What’s the attraction for buyers?

The reality is that there’s an imbalance in the industry between those who want to sell and those who want to buy. That is, there’s an incredible appetite amongst buyers and not nearly enough sellers to meet the demand.

So in this episode we look at the buy-side perspective, answering the above questions and more, including:

  • The attributes needed to become a credible and attractive acquirer amongst hefty competition.
  • The key characteristics of sellers that could be potential targets.
  • And, ultimately, how a nascent firm or wirehouse advisor planning for their next chapter can set themselves up to be a successful acquirer.

Plus, Mindy and Louis share examples of ex-wirehouse teams that have become effective acquirers—and how they achieved their success. It’s a well-rounded episode designed to offer useful takeaways for advisors and business owners alike.

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