016: Sungwon Cho (ProZD) - On Creative Discipline, Career Uncertainty, Grit, & Voice Acting


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Space cowboys, cosmic girls, astral bodies, welcome to the Mental Jiujitsu Podcast, and thank you for listening. Today's episode is pulled from my archive vault from nearly 2 1/2 years ago in 2017. A lot has changed since then - as nature would have it - but one thing that I am glad hasn't changed for myself has been recording interviews and conversations with people who I genuinely enjoy getting to know and hearing their story from their perspective. Re-listening to this conversation reminded me of that and for many stated and unstated reasons, I'm glad I never stopped the podcast completely and kept going with the process. It's a funny reminder, because in this episode I speak with Sungwon Cho otherwise known as ProZD, who tells his story of how he got started with voice acting from scratch and the grind & grit for 4 years (and counting) to become who he is. For those who are unfamiliar with his work, ProZD has 2.34m subscribers on Youtube, has voice acted in numerous video games, shows, and media like Borderlands 3, Ace Attorney, Red vs. Blue, ACD, Granblue Fantasy, among many, many others like his original skits, sketches, and musings on Youtube. You can go down the rabbit hole and watch his features by typing ProZD into Youtube if you'd like or visiting youtube.com/prozd. In this conversation, we talk about creative discipline, career uncertainty, willpower, intuition, fame, voice acting of course, and his stories in-between. This episode has a particularly special place in my heart because, 2 1/2 years later, it serves as a great reminder to get in and do the work. Whatever you're into, I hope that you feel similarly after listening. Please enjoy this episode with the Professional himself, ProZD.

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