007: G Yamazawa - The Power of Poetry, Social Critique, & Getting Through Dark Times


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In this brilliant episode of Mental Jiujitsu, I sit down with George Masao Yamazawa in his home here in LA. George aka 'G' was born in Durham, North Carolina, and is an 8 time National Poetry Slam Champion, emcee & music artist, and connoisseur of carne asada fries. His most recent stint was in Indonesia, where he served as a Next Level 3.0 Cultural Ambassador. (You can find more on that by searching 'G Yamazawa Next Level'.) He's been featured on Team Backpack, NBC News, and is currently on tour around the United States. His poems and songs have been viewed over millions of times on Youtube (my personal favorite is '10 Things You Should Know About Being Asian From The South) and his new album, which I got to listen to, is just about to release. You can follow him on most social channels (FB, IG, YT, etc) @gyamazawa. If you have Spotify, I encourage you to go check him out for that album release. One important note before I let you go: his wonderful grandmother passed away a few days before recording this podcast with me, so I want to thank him and her for being gracious for spending some time with me. Res in power, obaa-chan. Your spirit lives on. In this episode, we go in-depth into many different topics, including: the power of poetry, living an unconventional life, cause and effect, mentors & teachers, his process for writing, family, death, and he answers some of your questions towards the end. I know this session will be a classic, so please enjoy this conversation with George, also known as, G Yamazawa.

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