[EN🇬🇧] Brandon Hepburn - Former member of the GBR Kayak Team, Personal Trainer - Getting into action and regaining control of our lives


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Brandon is a former high level athlete who represented Great Britain 🇬🇧 in kayaking. He is now a Personal Trainer in Dubaï.
Seeing Brandon's extraordinary level of fitness 👀 today makes it hard to imagine that he was once a chubby youngster who lacked self-confidence, felt ashamed of his own body and performed poorly at school. And yet, at age 14, Brandon made it to the nationals in kayaking. This was the start of a new chapter in his life, one in which he decided to be the guy in charge of it, to trust his guts feeling and to appreciate the journey towards greatness, even if it is an endless one 🛣
At 18 years old, Brandon felt competing in kayaking at the highest level had left him burnt out 🥵. Brandon discovered the world of fitness during a photo shoot 📸. This was the awakening moment! Brandon knew on that day that he was now going to train, compete and teach others how to achieve their physical goals 💪🏼
A fascinating conversation with a man who clearly has a growth mindset and who is a big believer of stepping into action!
A big thanks to mister Daniel for introducing me to such an inspiring guest! Danke vielmals 🙏🏼
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