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Learn English Language The Pleasurable Way ✔️Lesson Transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/learn-english-language-9/

Today’s English language lesson we talk about TV series as we practice listening to English being spoken by a native English speaker. Although I watch less TV than I used to, I’m still watching various TV series being recommended to me, by friends, during the UK lock-down.

TV in the UK has changed a lot. When I grew up, we only had 4 TV channels and a tremendous fuss was made when they added Channel 5. The problem was you had to watch most things live or miss them.

Then satellite TV came along, with 10s of channels and the ability to pause and record TV. It felt amazing to decide what you watched the selection was amazing. It was probably around here I stopped watching live TV.

But now it’s gone insane. At our house we have Netflix, Disney+, NowTV, Amazon Video and BBC iPlayer, all of which have thousands of programs we can watch whenever we like. So we now just browse for a TV series and watch it from start to finish whenever we find time to sit in front of the TV (which isn’t as often as it was). If we want the news or weather, I just pull it up on my iPhone. If I want to watch Gardeners world I just pull it up on iPlayer.

I wonder what it’s like in other countries. TV viewing habits have definitely changed a lot.

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