English Listening Practice Is It A Rant Or An Opinion Piece Ep 435


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English Listening Practice - A Rant Or An Opinion? ✔ Lesson transcript: https://adeptenglish.com/lessons/english-listening-practice-8/

Today’s English listening practice is a conversation that you get to decide if the content is a rant or an opinion piece. We explain what the difference between these two different ways of communicating a point of view are. Along the way, we also talk about a recent phenomenon brought about by businesses and government services moving to online and telephone because of the pandemic.

A phenomenon is something that can be seen or experienced that is unusual or interesting. So today we talk about one of the side effects that has happened as many of the UK’s businesses have adapted to online life and the necessity to use phones to get things done where we used to talk to people face to face.

Most things in the UK are returning to normal following some pretty strict lock-down rules. You would imagine that shops and places of business would be re-opening their physical offices and shops. But many businesses who were forced to move online or move much of their customer interaction to telephone and online are not re-opening their physical shops or places of business.

They have actually saved a lot of money. The move online means they don’t have to pay as much rent or business rates and they need less staff. As a result, some businesses, like household goods, are experiencing a big increase online sales and store sales are decreasing. I think we can all expect to have to deal with the issues raised in today’s English listening podcast more often.

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