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She is the queen of list building and online course creation in the US. Her business weights more than 70 million dollars. She trained almost 50 000 persons with only 8 online courses. She is my mentor, and she kindly accepted to come over to my podcast for her very first interview on a French podcast. She is Amy Porterfield.

If you don't know who Amy is, go listen to her podcast Digital Marketing Made Easy Podcast, it's one of the biggest US podcast, and it is full of golden nuggets for anyone who wants to build a business online.

I launched my very own podcast, thanks to Amy. It is also thanks to her that I created my online course. And these two things became my new job. A job that I love, that I can do anywhere, and whenever it suits me. There are few people that really impacted my life, let me tell you that Amy Porterfield is undoubtly one of them.

Today I asked her to tell us about a topic that we both love : list building, and especially how to grow your email list.

Be prepared to take notes, this episode is very special. To be honest with you, it's the episode I'm the most proud of since the beginning of the Marketing Podcast - and this is number 129.

Amy does not give us just "classic" tips that you can find everywhere, she gets into the real thing, she goes deep, she gives actionnable advices, and she share her very own strategies. When you know that several hundreds of thousands of people gave her their email address, when you know that she adds almost 2000 new address in her list every week, you can bet she has one thing or two to teach us about list building.

Now you got it, Amy is American, we recorded this episode in English, it's the very first time I do that on my podcast. So you can either choose this episode, fully in English, or you can choose to listen to the episode in French (it's right before this one).

By the way, I want to thank from the bottom of my heartCatherine Benmaor who is a professional voice over and the host of the beautiful French podcast Souvernirs d'Enfant for the huge voice over work she did on the French version of this episode. Catherine, without you none of this would have been possible. A huge thank you 🙏🧡

we mentioned it during the episode :


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