#97 - 🇺🇸 Printful: Bootstrapped from 0 to 120M€ and 1800 employees in 8 years in an international background, avec Raitis Purins


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Exceptionally, this episode is in English because I couldn't miss the opportunity to discover the success story of Printful!

The subject: Culture, values, management, onboarding, and, of course, marketing… All the themes discussed in this new episode of Le Panier. In the company of Raitis Purins, we will discover the secrets of the success of this American brand which is now present on an international scale.

The guest: After several years in the communication business, Raitis Purins has become the Chief Marketing Officer of Printful. He now manages more than 60 people in the international marketing team alone and handles all internal and external communication.

Printful: Printful is an on-demand fulfillment company that offers e-commerce warehousing & custom print and drop shipping services for online retailers. Founded in 2013, the company employs more than 1800 people today. Currently, it pushes 1M products per month and earned over €120M in 2019.

With Laurent Kretz, cofounder of CosaVostra, they discussed:

# Hyper-growth, there is only one constant: change. That's what Raitis Purins likes. He doesn't do the same job he did initially and that's exactly what motivates him, change and growth.

# To progress, do not hesitate to exchange tips and tricks and learn from other experts.

# Always ask yourself: “What is the goal of what you're doing ?”.

# Habits are powerful tools whether in business or in your personal life. So, adopt them early on.

# As a marketer, you should have 3 goals: capture interest, raise awareness, and educate how to be successful.

# Give feedback! This is a vital part of company growth that helps everyone move forward and progress.

# Scaling and velocity: teams of 90 people are less agile than teams of 60. You have to accept that they might be slower, but embrace the fact that they can do so MUCH more.

They also mentioned:

# The book Death by Meeting, written by Patrick Lencioni.

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