Épisode 4 - Daniel Béliveau


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Daniel Belliveau is the second son of Grace Shaw and Raymond Belliveau. Like many young adults, he chose to spread his wings young. At 19 years old he moved out of the comfort of family home to land in Vancouver at his cousin's apartment.

From restaurant life as a sous-chef, to bartender, he navigates the night life in need of excitement. He feels he needs the rush these environments give him. And he is well served.

Until he no longer digests the meals he is serving himself.

In this episode, Daniel details how from the shadows he has found the light and today he is much more grounded in the needs of his body and mind.

Suffering from bouts of addictive behaviour, stress and other fun stuff to get you down. Today Daniel uses yoga, pilates and team sports to make sure he has a stable routine to maintain a balanced lifestyle conducive to a healthy mind-state.

Thank you for sharing your journey to the light Dan. It was a lovely conversation.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.




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