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TRD and Speaker: Mehdi Debbabi -Zourgani Whether you get a break or not this summer, here is a nice gift from Video Games & Synapseries. Check this out ! a portrait of one of the most atypical from the video game industry, past and present : Miss Junko Tamiya . Known for a lot of great Capcom games such as Strider Hiryu (arcade version) to name the most iconic one. A blast from the past you may say but you know the old saying : oldies but goodies ! More than a simple portrait, an authentic discussion on a bench in Nara, Japan. One of the best tourism spot for both foreigners... and japanese ! An invitation to travel. With us... and miss Tamiya of course ! Under the label of « Godai », the five elements in japanese buddhism, we had a little chat about Junko Tamiya's work at Capcom, her job as a composer, the way she deals with musical writting,... This podcast features :  A warm and unbelievable adventure among the deers in Japan !  Special guest Manami Matsumae composer of the 1st Rockman, Mighty Number 9, Shovel Knight, to name a few !  An artistic, friendly and surprising encounter with Junko Tamiya  Podcast available in 3languages (english, french and japanese)

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