Zoom Podtrak P4 compilation of all initial 12 P4 demos organised by Chapters.


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This podcast contains all of my 12 podcast demos on the Zoom Podtrak P4.

You can navigate by chapter on the Mac via Downcast or on iOS via Overcast.

I don’t know why you want to, but you can also just listen to start to end if you really really want to smile.

Demos include my first impressions of the P4, full description of the P4, using channel 3 (TRRS) and channel 4 (UsB) on the P4, recording VoiceOver from the Mac, tips on recording and playing back recent file, using the Sound Pad to control play back of files, using the Sound Pad menu, using the Files Menu, using the Files Transfer main menu option, demo of the BTA-2 Bluetooth transceiver, demo of the Audio Technica headset with dynamic XLR boom microphone, and demo of the Samson Q2u and Backpack Studio.

Think it was funny about mid range through in the demos, where I said it was going to be my last.


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