Episode 56 - Try these 3 speaking exercises! Topics: Vacations, boredom and movies


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Here is a transcript of what is heard in this episode:

Part 1

Let’s talk about vacations. Do you like vacations?

I do, however, I find it difficult to strike the right balance between too long and too short. When a vacation is too long, I find myself homesick and longing for my routine. If it’s too short, I am very sad to leave.

Part 2

I ate something and looked at the shops, but as I mentioned, I was also very tired, so I decided to rest a bit until my flight was ready for boarding. That is when it was announced that my flight to New York was delayed an additional three hours! You can imagine my frustration.

Part 3

Do you believe that every country should have its own film industry?

That is an interesting question. I think from a cultural perspective, yes.


It is important that each country produces stories that represent the life and culture of that particular place. Citizens must see themselves in the stories that are told. Additionally, those stories should be available for the world to see. So, just as it is important for each country to have its own literature and music, it is equally important for each to have its own film industry. Of course, it is also worth mentioning that the film industry provides jobs and aids the economy, so it clearly offers multiple benefits.

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