How To Build a $1000/year Membership with Jay Clouse


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Can you build a business off of a Twitter challenge? Perhaps it’s not as simple as that, the core concept is there: create something for people to rally around, and you have a community. Participate with them and you have engagement. Jay Clouse knows a thing or two about building communities and successfully launched his own membership called Creative Companion…by basically starting with a Twitter challenge called #Tweet100. After comparing notes on how we manage our podcasts, we get into the crux of the matter: using Twitter in a helpful way, then building your business. We talk about mission, pricing, engagement, and tools in this absolutely packed episode. In Build Something More, we talk about workshops vs. course creation.

Top Takeaways:
  • Twitter is the ultimate experiment ground. You can get an idea out fast, it garners quick feedback from people, and it can be statically significant, given your audience.
  • When it comes to positioning your membership, you need to have alignment with what you’re offering and who you’re offering it to. This will allow you to offer a high-price membership with meaningful engagement.
  • When you build a community around something, you need to eat, sleep, and breathe it. Consider that as you go off and launch your own membership/community.
Show Notes:

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