Building a Personalized Email Newsletter That Works for You with Brennan Dunn


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A few weeks ago we talked to Louis Nicolls about the importance of having a good newsletter that helps people — some targeted, educational resource. Brennan Dunn knows a thing or two about that and has built an empire around segmentation and personalization. The last time he was on the show, we talked about Right Message. Today, we talk to him about email templates and newsletter strategies that we can implement with his new tool, Palladio.

Top Takeaways
  • Brennan equates emails to sales pages multiple times. Yes, they are a great way to establish trust and be a resource for subscribers...but we also want them to stand out and make them memorable for when we need to sell.
  • Instead of doing educational emails, pausing them and doing a sales sequence, Brennan recommends mixing in targeted sales messages through your emails. This allows you to show helpful resources at a time the subscriber is ready to buy...making it a win/win for both of you.
  • Evergreen, or “Shadow” newsletters as Brennan calls them, are a great way to build a resource, be consistent with your newsletter, and focus on other tasks around marketing or building your list.
Show Notes

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