Heather du Plessis-Allan: What do people want from Sandra Goudie?


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I can’t make out what it is that people want from Sandra Goudie today.
I totally understand if you’re angry at Sandra Goudie.
I’ve said before, it feels to me like a very selfish act to not get the jab.
Because if you’re unjabbed you might end up clogging up the ICU beds other more responsible people need.
And you could be the reason your town or city stays in lockdown longer trying to get jab rates up.
So yes I understand if you’re angry at the Thames-Coromandel mayor for her position.
I have no sympathy for Sandra Goudie.
Neither for her views nor for her finding herself under fire.
But what do want from her?
We can’t force her to get the jab. It’s legally her choice.
We can’t force her to shut up. She has the right to express her opinion.
We can’t demand that she’s more responsible because there is no requirement on civic leaders to hold certain points of view, or to fall into line with the majority of us just because they’re in positions of leadership
We can’t demand that she even explains herself because do we really want to hear that anti-science nonsense.
We shouldn't be surprised. She’s known for being a bit eccentric
And she does represent a community that is probably a bit more eccentric than others.
And roughly about one in ten people you know are going to hold similar views to Sandra Goudie.
So help me understand the level of outrage and frustration today.
Is it simply because you think she and others like her are selfish and you just need to get it out of your system?
Or is there something more constructive here?

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