Does Red Meat Accelerate Aging, with David Sinclair PhD - UPDATE and REPOST


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David Andrew Sinclair, PhD is an Australian biologist and professor of genetics. He is also a co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at Harvard Medical School, and is known for his research on aging with a focus on epigenetics.

Time Stamps:

0:35:27 Podcast begins with David Sinclair

0:36:25 Is when we eat more important than what we eat?

0:38:45 What is the connection between time restrictive eating and longevity?

0:43:54 What causes us to age?

0:45:46 Epigenetic change.

0:52:03 What causes DNA breaks?

0:55:28 What plant foods create DNA breaks?

0:57:13 PARP enzymes

1:00:46 Where does NAD come from? How do we make it? What enzymes use it?

1:04:50 NAD recycling pathway.

1:12:13 Sirtuins.

1:24:14 What are the other longevity genes? (AMP kinase and mTOR) How are they connected to sirtuins?

1:31:50 Does being in a ketogenic state increase NAD?

1:40:30 Xenohormesis and plant molecules.

1:45:50 Resveratrol trials.

1:51:55 mTOR.

1:57:25 David’s thoughts on animal protein.

2:04:03 Meat consumption in relation to the environment and regenerative agriculture.

2:11:28 Where to find David Sinclair.

David’s info:

Instagram: @davidsinclairphd

Twitter: @davidasinclair


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