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Joining us from Seville, Spain on this international flavoured Episode of Fni Wrapchat is Spanish (Irish Long time resident) Writer and Director Paco Torres.
***Please be patient with the quality of recording as we continue to work remotely***.

We talk creativity, focus, avoiding distraction, His family and their influence on his work, empathy in artistry and what is success to him.
Torres is a commercial and fiction director based in Seville, Spain , but working internationally. Before he became a full time director, Paco worked as Creative Director in several advertising agencies as McCann Erickson, Cawley Nea, Ad-volution among others.
Paco has made two feature films, The magic of hope and Saol, shot in 14 hours in Dublin, and several awarded short films as the awarded shorts shot in Ireland The Rattle of Benghazi and Halowin. He was born in Sevilla and raised between Seville, Dublin and Barcelona. Paco has been in Ireland more or less since 1997 till 2016. Torres studied Marketing and advertising in Ireland and Cinematography in Barcelona.
In 2009 he directed his first feature film "The Magic of hope", aka El vuelo del tren, that was released in cinema in 2011, nominated for Asecan Awards of 2012 and released worldwide in cinema, VOD and streamers as Netflix in 2016.
In 2015 was released his second feature film Saol, an experimental film about OCD, shot in only 14 hours. During all these years, he has also directed several short films like The Rattle of Benghazi, Halowin and Seventy, which has travelled worldwide at film festivals and won several awards.
Paco is preparing his first series, "The Tamer" produced by Beta films this year, with co-director Guillermo Navarro (Pan's labyrinth) and he is also attached to the new series from Paul Mousley, The ghoul finder, with co-director Terry McDonough (breaking Bad). Paco is also set to direct a tv show and another series with Beta films Spain.
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