#21 ITW Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi - Founder CEO Mamazen - Startup Studio in Turin Italy


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#21 ITW Farhard Alessandro Mohammadi - Founder CEO Mamazen - Startup Studio in Turin Italy

While surfing on Youtube in search of some gold nuggets, our attention were catched by the title of a TEDex video: «What is take to be a real entrepreneur». The guest on the stage was Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi sharing his exciting journey as entrepreneur. His story and anecdotes intrigued us and we decided to invite Farhad for long interview.

TEDxCrocetta: What it Takes to be a real entrepreneur | Farhad Alessandro Mohammadi | https://youtu.be/fXD4FtWwUj8

Farhad is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in the digital field.

Previously managed Backeca.it internal and external sales team. He coordinated Glamoo.com sales team as Commercial Director (exit to Pagine Gialle). Former Co-Founder of Pony Zero, from zero to 6 million in annual revenues in 5 years (Exit 2018). A Business Angel, a member of Club degli Investitori and Toniic Investments.

He is also the Founder of Studiohub which is the largest European Startup Studio Network.

He also wrote a helpful and dense White Paper dedicated to Venture-Building (one of the few White Paper focused on this argument world-wide).

Farhad is the founder CEO of Mamazen, a startup studio based in Turin Italy. Mamazen is backed by IH1, an investment syndicate vehicule enabling business angels to take part of the Mamazen startup revolution.

Farhad Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farhadalessandromohammadi/

Farhad Twitter: https://twitter.com/farhadsasha

Mamazen website: https://mamazen.it/en/

Mamazen investment vehicule IH1: https://ih1.co/

Mamazen venture building thesis is that Future will be as a Service (FaaS), and digitalization will automatize and make many processes flawless. The pandemic has accelerated this path; habits are changing, and Mamazen’s startups are growing fast. Mamazen’s mission is to change the way of creating companies by automating processes to generate impact at scale. Mamazen team believes in democratizing assets through a SaaS approach using the power of data and machine learning to allow everyone to defend and grow their assets.

In this new episode of Epistémê Entrepreneur, discover the exciting journey of a bold entrepreneur. We will also talk about the business model and innovation model of Mamazen.


Co-Host of this episode:

Harold Knoll is a Sci-Tech curious and futurist, founder CEO of DAYU a longevity startup that ambitions to tokenize our genes! He is also Partner at AVA Capital, a dynamic business angel fund based in France.






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