Episode 12: Greetings from the Island of Shame


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You’re invited to the Desert Island Society, where Madeline and Xander ask and answer the classic question… If you were taken to a desert island, what would you bring? The dark times are upon us and the hated rituals of that loathsome winter holiday have already begun. As part of the unholy pact to produce the Halloween festivities we now present to you our penance, the first of our Christmas specials. This week we’re talking about that most ubiquitous of terrors, the first sign of the coming doom, Christmas music. From old standards to new favorites we dig through the muck and come up with only the finest in holiday tunes, rewarding them with our praise even while we banish the worst offenders to the hellish and bleak ISLAND OF SHAME! Also why do we need a new Grinch movie every decade? Like I have to imagine the return on investment would be the same if you just re-released the old one into theaters. Thank you so much for your kind reviews, please do keep them coming we’re both terribly addicted to positive reinforcement.

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