Ep. 17: Delegation Without Email, Fighting Imposter Syndrome, and My Thoughts on Critical Theory | DEEP QUESTIONS


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In this episode of Deep Questions I answer reader questions on delegating without email, effective methods for fighting imposter syndrome, and my take on critical theory (which leads to an impromptu history seminar, which is the price one pays for asking an academic a question about academic theory), among many other topics.
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Here’s the full list of topics tackled in today’s episode along with the timestamps:
* Effective delegation (hint: don't send an email) [8:09]
* Bosses with varied productivity styles [16:25]
* Crucial skills for the 21st century [18:54]
* The danger of using a pseudonym to evade imposter syndrome [23:34]
* How I choose my career [26:23]
* Optimal specificity for daily plans [29:40]
* Advice for someone new to writing [33:55]
* My thoughts on smart watches [38:49]
* Using "memory palaces" to train your brain (random story alert) [40:56]
* Moving tasks out of email, even if annoying [44:52]
* The limited use of social media for a non-established writer [46:29]
* My thoughts on the Boycott Facebook movement [48:11]
* The secret to my "smooth" answers to questions [50:38]
* Getting back on track after a professional failure [54:14]
* Sticking with a job you dislike [59:32]
* An impromptu history seminar on critical theory [1:05:00]
Thanks to listener Jay Kerstens for the intro music.

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