#66 Alex Louisy (Upflow) - ENGLISH EPISODE : Upflow & the pain of getting paid


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« The driver since the early days is: what's going to be the impact on our society? »

First (and definitely not the last) podcast in English!
Welcome everyone to Inside a CEO's Mind. For this kick-off, we are thrilled to welcome the great Alex Louisy, co-founder & CEO of Upflow, answering Yacine Sqalli 's questions.🎙

Upflow in one sentence: software that helps companies to get paid, with a great experience - as simple as that.

Founded in 2018, Upflow has more than 70 employees, hundreds of users worldwide (including Front, Aircall, Lattice, and Productboard), processed 1.5B € in Q1, and raised 20M€ so far from crucial investors (Y Combinator, eFounders).

Based in Paris and NYC, Alex has just moved to the US to get closer to its customers. A few hours before his flight, he welcomed Yacine to his WeWork offices in Paris, to discuss how Upflow was founded, what is the pain tackled and their value-added, why they are a product-led company, and put the user experience at the forefront. They also discussed fundraising, company culture, long-term ambitions, and many other topics.

In this episode, they talk about :

🎙The foundation of Upflow - a product-led company

🎙The pain: getting paid quickly and smoothly (and collecting an infinite number of cheques)

🎙Their solution: time, money, and hurdle saving

🎙The type of clients, the early adopters, and the use cases addressed

🎙The Product Market-Fit, their strategy, and the next fundraising

🎙The long-term vision and the key of success: the user experience

🎙The team & the culture: "Give first, expect nothing"

🎙How did he react when an early employee decided to leave to build his own business?

🎙Their impact on our society

Sit tight and listen carefully! 🎧

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Thanks, Alex for this conversation, looking forward to the next ones! 🙏
Please go check out their website 👉 https://upflow.io/

And to apply to Upflow, it's here 👉 https://bit.ly/3DfmFkB

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