#46 Sarah Nockel (Northzone) : the magical seed pitch investments


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A new episode in English, it's been a while! What an honor to record this podcast with Sarah Nockel, femstreet co-founder and an investor at Northzone.

I’m super happy to have Sarah on the show. I’ve been super inspired by her path in VC doing B2B series A/B to seed at Northzone but also building a community for people to thrive in tech and vc over the long term.

It echoes my own situation as I also managed to go from a B2B series A fund to a seed fund (also originally from the Nordics), and build my own vc community for tomorrow’s leaders in tech and vc.

Apart from Femstreet, Sarah is an investor at Northzone, one of the first VCs in Europe, dating back to 1996 founded in Oslo, Norway. Invested in companies like Spotify, Klarna, Trustpilot, Hopin, Kahoot, Tier mobility, iZettle just to name a few.

In this podcast, I'm talking with Sarah about :

  1. What serendipity did she get from Femstreet that helped you at Northzone or previously?
  2. As a seed investor, what advice would you give to young seed investors?
  3. What did she learn from later stage investing that helps with seed investment?
  4. What usually, happens during seed pitches that definitely makes you invest? Is there some magic happening?
  5. Has she ever invested in a company where the founder's pitch/storytelling wasn’t compelling but showed strong execution capability and large market size?
  6. Because at babyvc, I'm building the next generation of VCs. What should it look like according to her?
  7. We also talk about solo capitalists...

Always a pleasure Sarah,

Hope you'll enjoy the show as much as I did.


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