EP2 | Whitey Bulger: Lock In A Sock, Boston, Massachusetts with author Dave Wedge (part two)


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One of the most notorious gangsters in US history, James J. "Whitey" Bulger, Jr ruled the streets of Boston with an iron fist. He was the ruthless leader of the Winter Hill Gang. Murder Kingpin. The stacked jack of death. In early 1995, when he was about to be indicted on Federal charges for decades of misdeeds, Whitey Bulger fled Boston for good. It took 16 years for his capture. It is believed that the Boston FBI didn't want to find him. I sometimes believe that is true. In 1999, four years into his fugitive status, he was added to the FBI's Most Wanted List.

I speak to Dave Wedge, co-author of Hunting Whitey (by Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge) on their research for the book, Whitey's life on the run, and his brutal death in prison.

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