An Aversion to Labels: Eric Vajentic


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Of creativity Eric says, “Where do I go from here? Well, as I continue to get older, I feel like the pursuit of meaning and truth becomes more urgent. I’m increasingly coming to peace with the idea that I will never get to the inner-core, but that the journey can be beautiful all the same. I continue to pursue truth and meaning through spiritual practices, community, art, literature, logic, philosophy, reflection and love. I’m always looking for opportunities to establish those deeper connections that I crave, and WWKC has provided me with an ideal outlet for my unique combination of pathos and yearning.”

Seasoned and fresh-faced artists (of every genre) discuss how to make creativity work within the complexities and challenges of adult life. In the Confessing Animals podcast, co-hosts Jen Harris + Vanessa Aricco, both working writers, unveil the secrets and struggles of creative living in a rapid-fire Capitalist society. One guest at a time, Jen + Vanessa ask, How Does Your Life Translate to Art?

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