Khe Hy: The Inner Game of Creating


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In 2015, Khe Hy quit his lucrative Wall Street career. Despite being the youngest managing director at one of Wall Street’s most prestigious firms, he realized something: more money wasn’t making him any happier.
He quit without an exact plan of what he’d do next. This didn’t bode well with his parents, both immigrants to the U.S., nor his former co-workers -- both of whom thought he may have lost his mind walking away from an enviable amount of money and prestige.
Thankfully for the rest of us, Khe stayed the course. He began writing online about his journey to live a more fulfilled life. He blogs about transforming your relationship with time, work, money – and ultimately yourself.
His newsletter RadReads now goes out to 20,000 readers and Khe has joined the ranks of creators who have built a successful business around content and courses.
On this private call, we talked with Khe about his journey into blogging and internet entrepreneurship. More specifically, we discussed the inner game of creating and how he’s kept writing and creating in the face of uncertainty. In the second half of the call, we hosted a Q&A where everybody is welcome to ask any questions they’d like.

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