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Jeremy is a podcaster from Australia who is passionate about helping people live better in more sustainable and healthier lives. His podcast Beaming Green teaches and informs listeners by bringing people from around the world together to share their experience and knowledge about more sustainable ways of living.
During our interview, Jeremy discusses the importance of incremental change, and we explore relevant topics like syntropic farming, permaculture, gender equality, Aboriginal Australians, goal setting, and genuine human connection. The conversation also touches on specific environmental issues such as climate change, pollution, and attainable solutions to these issues.
Beaming Green Podcast
Beaming Green “Rites of Passage”
Beaming Green “Pioneering Permaculture in Borneo, Indonesia”
Beaming Green “Syntropic Agriculture”
Beaming Green “Flourish Initiative"
The Magician's Way (Book)
Youth Passageways
Syntropic Farming
Doughnut Economics / Kate Raworth
Dark Emu (Aboriginal context)
David Attenborough “A Life On Our Planet”
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