Jared Ward Wants The Podium At The New York City Marathon + Advice On Why Patience Is Key In Coming Back to Racing


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"I want to point out that while I’m relaying the advice to be patient like I’ve been given from Meb, Ritz, Ryan Hall, Deena and Des to be patient. It’s still hard to be patient. You want to see the good tune-up races and the good workouts because...I don’t want to go to New York and be in the pack at 15 miles and when there’s a strong move, I run smart and I pick off a few guys over the last few miles of the race and I finish fifth to 10th. I’ve done that. I know how to do that. I want to be fit enough that I can cover a 4:40 mile going up First Avenue and I can be in that pack and I can sit in that race. That’s what motivates me."

I believe this is the third time Jared Ward has come on the show. His first time was in Feb. 2019 and then he was on last fall before he ran in the London Marathon. Now he’s back as he gets ready for the New York City Marathon and also runs in the Saucony Future Fast 10K in Germany that you can watch next Wednesday at 2 pm ET on the CITIUS MAG YouTube channel.

Jared has raced sparingly since he ran at The Marathon Project last December so we get the details on that, how he’s worked his way back into shape after taking time off to help his wife with their newest baby and his big goals – which include the podium in The Big Apple. I appreciated this episode because Jared and I talk about what that comeback has felt like for many people during this pandemic. I just recently posted to Instagram how initially I was planning to go to the Chicago Marathon and try and break three hours but I’m just not quite there yet. I’m still shaking off the pandemic rust. So if you’re one of those people who has been hoping to get back on the string of hitting PRs and sometimes training is going right but the results aren’t coming immediately, I’m right with you and Jared’s got some good advice.

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