2 Black Runners Podcast's Joshua & Aaron Potts On Bringing More Representation + Energy To Track and Field Media's Next Gen


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"The main reason we started was just that we didn't see that many people that look like us reporting on track and field. In other sports like basketball and the NFL, you see people of color and a lot of diversity in all of the reporting. When it comes to track, it's not really like that. I really love track and field. I love all the events. When I go to these other sites and mainly distance is getting covered, I'm thinking most of the reason why is because it's not a diverse group of people. Whenever you put culture and diversity into something, it gets better."

My guests for today’s episode are Aaron and Joshua Potts. You may know them as the Two Black Runners since they have their own podcast by that name. You may have watched some of their videos on YouTube or Instagram. They’re creating all types of running content by the culture and for the culture, as they say. I had the chance to meet them in person for the first time when we broadcast the Trials of Miles Qualifier meet in Kansas City and they served as the sideline guys while me and Kyle Merber were in the booth. The reaction on social media and reception to the energy they brought to the show was great. They were also two of the 16 members of the inaugural Magic Boost class, which is a program that I helped lead that looks to empower, amplify and mentor the next generation of track and field content creators. Some of the videos that Joshua and Aaron were able to put together from their time in Eugene for the Pre Classic were hilarious so I’ll include some in the show notes for you to check out. Get to know them a little better here. Hear their story and then support their work.

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