#16 Luke Storey Interview on Individualism and Healing With Ayahuasca


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My friend, Luke Storey, joins the podcast today. Luke is a celebrity stylist, entrepreneur, podcaster, psychedelic explorer, and guest of Soltara Healing Center. His work as a kundalini yoga and meditation teacher and world-class biohacker has enabled him to build the ultimate wellness lifestyle. Before that, Luke suffered from addiction for several years; something we get into in this podcast. We also address the current state of affairs in the United States and Luke’s recent decision to move to Texas with his fiance. But most importantly, we discuss the transition from a COVID-world and the philosophy of collective consciousness. And of course, we dig into Luke’s most recent ayahuasca experience at Soltara Healing Center. This is a podcast for anyone looking for a little clarity into your next decision. Hope you enjoy.

Dan discusses the healing benefits of ayahuasca & plant medicine & his entrepreneurial journey in the plant medicine industry. He talks with top minds like Aubrey Marcus, Dorian Yates, Dennis McKenna, & Patrick Bet-David.

“No one can have your psychedelic experience for you; you just have to screw your courage up & raise the cup to your lips & face what's in there.” - Dennis McKenna on psychedelics & plant medicine

“Ayahuasca is a symbiotic ally of the human species.” - Dennis McKenna on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“Ayahuasca is changing global environmental consciousness.” - Dennis McKenna on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“Life itself is a drug experience.” - Dennis McKenna on psychedelics & plant medicine

“Psychedelics are not suppressed because they are dangerous to users; they’re suppressed because they provoke unconventional thought.” - Dennis McKenna on psychedelics & plant medicine

“We never feel completely ready for life’s big decisions; but in taking the leap, we push ourselves to the next level.” - Patrick Bet-David on entrepreneurship

“You're going to use experiences to become either bitter or better.” - Patrick Bet-David on entrepreneurship

“If you always make the right decision, the safe decision, the one most people make, you will be the same as everyone else.” - Patrick Bet-David

“The bigger the vision you have, the more important it is to think on what type of a team you’re going to put around you." - Patrick Bet-David on entrepreneurship

“If you can walk, talk, hear or see, you have everything it takes to do something big with your life.” - Patrick Bet-David

“Plant medicines like ayahuasca ask us to connect to all parts of ourselves.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“The first time, mother ayahuasca couldn’t work with me. She told me I was too toxic & to stop poisoning myself & come back later.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“The plant knows who she wants to heal each time.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“The people who do ayahuasca are bonded together forever, like a brotherhood.” - Dorian Yates on ayahuasca ceremonies

“With good practice, plant medicines can play a key role in the healing of collective suffering on the planet.” - Aubrey Marcus on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“You’re not rewarded for the comfortable choice.” - Aubrey Marcus on ayahuasca & plant medicine

“Know the plants, know yourself, be honest, & decide the terms of your relationship with them.” - Aubrey Marcus on ayahuasca & plant medicine


As always, this episode is brought to you by Soltara Healing Center.

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