2020 All Media Overload!


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Show notes:


The Trial of the Chicago 7 (05:34)

Mank (10:46)

Palm Springs (13:27)

Eurovision (18:15)

Boys State (20:50)

Greyhound (24:09)

The Old Guard (27:45)

Onward (31:40)

The Vast of Night (33:50)

Bacurau (36:30)


The Good Place (39:06)

Lovecraft Country (45:39)

9-1-1 Lone Star (49:04)

Superstore (51:40)

Ted Lasso (53:50)

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet (59:55)

The Good Lord Bird (01:01:50)

The Last Dance (01:05:00)

Mrs. America (01:11:33)

Better Call Saul (01:14:51)

The Mandalorian (01:16:40)


‘Fetch the Bolt Cutters’ by Fiona Apple (01:20:30)

‘Long Violent History’ by Tyler Childers (01:25:30)

‘Gigaton’ by Pearl Jam (01:28:56)

‘Punisher' by Phoebe Bridgers (01:34:00)

‘Lamentations’ by American Aquarium (01:37:24)

‘Without People’ by Donovan Woods (01:40:25)

‘Songs for Our Daughter’ by Laura Marling (01:43:09)

‘You and I’ by O Brother (01:45:00)

‘Cuttin’ Grass, Vol. 1’ by Sturgill Simpson (01:48:54)

‘That’s How Rumors Get Started’ by Margo Price (01:52:14)


‘How to Write One Song’ by Jeff Tweedy (01:55:03)

‘This Isn’t Happening’ by Steven Hyden (01:56:46)

‘Why Fish Don’t Exist’ by Lulu Miller (01:59:00)

‘All Adults Here’ by Emma Straub (02:03:12)

‘Apartment’ by Teddy Wayne (02:05:00)

‘Native’ by Kaitlin B. Curtice (02:05:55)

‘Devolution’ by Max Brooks (02:09:05)

‘The Resisters’ by Gish Jen (02:12:30)

‘The Cactus League’ by Emily Nemens (02:14:34)

‘Hard to Handle’ by Steve Gorman (02:16:20)


City Skylines, The Last of Us 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Transport Tycoon, etc. (02:20:00)


‘End Times Fun’ by Marc Maron (02:24:55)

‘Jackie’ by Rob Delaney (02:27:55)

‘Middleditch & Schwartz’ (02:29:40)

‘Quarter Life Crisis’ by Taylor Tomlinson (02:32:50)

‘Nate’ (02:34:10)


‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’ with Zach Braff and Donald Faison (02:38:00)

‘Working It Out’ with Mike Birbiglia (02:40:18)

‘Political Beats’ (02:42:35)

‘Single Podcast Theory’ (02:44:10)

‘Majority 54’ with Jason Kander (02:45:25)

‘In the Bubble’ with Andy Slavitt (02:46:20)

‘Lovett or Leave It’ with Jon Lovett (02:47:08)

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