Bob Ross & The Joy of Painting


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Rob wants to squeeze Joe's softness. Bob Ross was a drill sergeant. Rob sometimes doesn't like himself, but he always likes pumpkin pie. Be nice to people who make sandwiches for you and bring you drinks because you're not better than them. Life can be a happy accident. Squirrels would make good running backs. Bob Ross was a beast with that knife. Paint is just goopy stuff. Joe will never have a light touch. Antiques Road Show is evil. Rodney King got beat by cops and the jury was like yeah that's cool. Rednecks hunt deer with tommy guns. ASMR helps Joe. The honeymoon phase of Rob's spiritual growth is over. Once you learn the skills for painting your spiritual canvas, you won't want to throw away the canvas. What? I don't know. Just don't be so hard on yourself. Keep plugging away. Work on those good skills. You can do it. Avoid that place where you can comfortably resent life. We've all got that place, and it's an existential banana peel. Don't slip on it!

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